Knowing – Learning – Belonging – Being

Work with us to Discover, Develop and Share Pacific knowledge that will…

  • Empower you and enable you to build a successful future for our Pacific learners.
  • Support you to develop culturally appropriate pedagogy for engaging our Pacific Learners and their whānau.

O tu, aganu’u, ma agaifanua a le tamaititi o le a le mafaionaulufaleatu I le potuaoga sei vaganauafa’atauaina ma faaulufaleinamuamua I le loto ma le agaga o le faiaoga.

The culture of the child cannot enter the classroom until it has first entered the consciousness of the teacher


In joining us there will be opportunities to:

  • Build your cultural intelligence making you a better teacher and leader in engaging Pacific learners and whānau.
  • Grow your knowledge about the Pacific languages and cultures, building your confidence and capability to deliver a rich and meaningful curriculum for your Pacific Learners.
  • Understand and appropriately apply cultural values and practices that underpin Pacific people’s views and aspirations.
  • Expand your curriculum, integrating culturally appropriate practices, experiences and concepts into your curriculum delivery.
  • Expand your inclusive education practices, ensuring you support the rights of children in ECE and supporting priority learners.
  • Integrate cultural practices and concepts into your health and safety practices
  • Integrate cultural practices and concepts into your premises and facilities
  • Integrate cultural practices and concepts into your GMA practices
  • Develop and build your services Pacific Strategic Plan


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